Are you in a gap of transition caused by a change in career, separation, change in yourself, divorce, or emigration?

Maybe you experience a deep call from your soul to find a new purpose and a form of your life or work? Or your life has been dramatically changed by the global pandemic?
It is time for a retreat. This retreat will restore your energy, deepen your presence, nurture your inner compass, and enlarge your inner freedom through emotion-focused work and yoga practice. Increasing the mindfulness of emotions allows us to make meaningful steps in a time of transition. Our emotions are the inner compass to navigate on the ocean of changes. When the energy flows through our hearts and bodies instead of being stuck in a whirlpool of our worries we are free to move on in our lives.
The retreat will take place in a healing natural environment of a tropical forest situated near a scenic peaceful palm beach.
Mindfulness of emotions and coaching sessions are guided by an internationally recognized psychologist and author of the Emotional Coaching model (published by Cambridge University Press), Dr. Agnieszka Konopka
Yoga and Yoga Nidra sessions focused on deepening awareness and presence are given by an advanced international yoga teacher and teacher for teachers, Yogi, Sanjeev Dutta.

Om Yoga Shala Agonda

Om Yoga Shala Agonda


Daily sessions on mindfulness of emotions
The first week in the practice of silence
Specialized transition retreat
Sessions of emotional coaching guided by an advanced therapist and coach
Daily mindful yoga classes
Advanced and experienced yoga and yoga philosophy teacher
Meditation on emotions
The beautiful setting of a tropical forest situated near a scenic peaceful palm beach
Languages: English, Polish, Hindi

Description of  the retreat

Being peacefully present with our own fears we become fearless. Like Shiva wearing a necklace of snakes.’  … Agni

The retreat starts from a week of emotional mindfulness, mindful practice of yoga, and Yoga Nidra. During this week we cultivate the inner focus of attention in silence. The first week includes an individual coaching session and individual guidance if needed.
Additional Asthanga yoga classes can be followed during this week.
The two following weeks include also group sessions focused on transition issues. During these weeks you can attend extra Asthanga Yoga class, Yoga philosophy class, and additional emotional coaching sessions if needed.
Emotion-focused work will allow you to become more aware of what you feel. Only when you know what you feel, you know what you want or need. You will learn how to be with your own feelings in a liberating and growth-promoting way.
Yoga and Yoga Nidra will help you to restore and rebalance your energy. It will increase your awareness and presence. You will have an opportunity to address any important individual questions during group or individual sessions.

Schedule of the retreat

Day 1
Arrival and registration
Day 2-6
Mindfulness of emotions
Individual sessions
Yoga Nidra
Meditation on emotions
Day 7-8, 14-15
Individual practice and rest
Day 9-13, 16-21
Yoga Nidra
Mindfulness of emotions
Transition and change: group session
After lunch optional programs on these days.
Individual practice
Asthanga Yoga
Yoga philosophy class
Individual sessions
Day 22
Closing session and ceremony


Be mindful of your true feelings
Experience inner silence
Enlarge your inner freedom
Nurture your inner compass
Find peace in uncertain times
Restore and rebalance your energy
Reduce worrying
Be present
Live freely and {beauty}fully