2006 PhD, Psychology, Cardinal Stephan Wyszynki University in Warsaw,

Dissertation: Dynamic aspects of emotional experience and their personality determinants.

2002 M.A. Psychology, University of Cardinal Stephan Wyszynsky in Warsaw, cum laude

2000 – 2001. School of Psychological Training for Business organized by the Polish Psychological Society and TROP.

2002-2004  (2 years) School of Psychotherapy and Counseling of the Society of Christian Psychologists

2002 – 2006. Full time dissertation program in psychology, University of Cardinal Stephan Wyszynsky in Warsaw

2004 – 2006. University of Minho, Portugal; additional dissertation program in clinical psychology


Solution focused therapy,

Model of Auto-confrontation Method,

Narrative-cognitive psychotherapy,

Narrative Therapy (re-authoring model),

Dialogical Therapies,

Therapeutic Relationship,

Critical perspectives of the concept of the mental illness,

Social and interactive perspectives of the mental illness,

Self understood as a social constructs,

Concept of the Dialogical Self,





Additional courses

Burn-out, thema dag. Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt. Aart Verhoeven & Michiel van den Heuvel

Shuld en schaamte, thema dag. Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

Koppel, kind en kontact (2 days). Michiel van den Heuvel & Suzanne Haest

Techniques of Grief Therapy(2 days):  Creative Practices for Counseling the Bereaved. Prof dr Robert Neimeyer, Memphis University

 Shamatha Teaching & Meditation Retreat.In accordance with Mahamudra Lineage,(8 days) Shangpa Rinpoche.Kagyu Institute for Buddhist Studies, Kirtipur, Nepal

9-Days course on Death and Dying from Buddhist perspective, India, Dharamsala, Maitreya Institute, Lobsang Namgyel

Psychologia Gestalt.Podstawy pomocy psychologicznej.[Gestalt Psychology. Basis of psychological help] 5 daysWarsaw, trainer: Andrzej Wronski

European Shambhala Art Intensive. 5 days training program (35h), Koln, Germany,Acharya Arawana Hayashi