Practice in The Hague

Re-composing your self in transition, major change, crisis and loss.

Transition, identity crisis and loss are moments in life when we may experience difficult and painful feelings and do not see a new perspective or direction. We may ask ourselves fundamental questions: Who am I and who am I becoming? What is the meaning of this pain and suffering? What are my sources of strength and support? Sometimes we just struggle to survive and cannot find the answers. It often takes time to process an experience of change before new meanings and a new perspective are created.

Therapy in this sense is a process of healing and growth. It is more than a means of reducing painful symptoms. It is hearing the message of pain, sadness or anger and discovering their meaning. And it supplies a safe and nurturing, emphatic, relational space to experience, share and move through the pain and chaos in order to contact deeper resources of strength and growth.

For whom? For persons
– in transition and identity crisis
experiencing loss and major life changes
– in search for one’s path and new meanings
– in stress about cultural adaptation