Deepening self-awareness and awareness of feelings as a guide for growth and new steps.

Compositionwork coaching

In Compositionwork coaching you make a symbolic landscape of your inner world. This enhances awareness of what is happening in your self and allows to explore your inner richness, complexity and the patterns you are functioning in. You get in touch with a variety of energies, emotions and aspects of yourself,  your resources, explore inner conflicts or relations between your cultural positions and authentic self.

It is a way to discover:

  • What are my inner sources of energy and meaning? How can I nurture them?
  • What blocks my freedom, energy and development?
  • Which aspects of myself are vital for my development?
  • What is happening in my self?
  • Which aspects of myself are neglected or left behind?
  • What is my unique authentic self and how can I connect with it?
  • What is the relation between my authentic personal positions and cultural rules and expectations?
  • To which extent are my choices dictated by expectations of others or really mine?
  • Who defines who I am and what I do?


For whom?

      • Persons who want to explore their inner richness, potential and complexity as a guide for growth
      • People who are in a professional, cultural or personal transition
      • People in search of their authentic self and unique path in work and life
      • People who want to explore their unique personal qualities in relation to their career
      • Executive coaching focused on questions about personal meaning and authenticity

Compositionwork coaching is a way to unfold your self and totality of your experience, give space to all there is in you, to feel it and to see it. When all parts of yourself, the variety of feelings and different aspects of experience are allowed, heard and seen you may experience a sense of completeness that includes imperfection and rejected earlier aspects. Experiencing the uniqueness and the artistry of your inner world uncovers the power of your authentic self that goes beyond any judgements and “shoulds”.


Individual coaching

Coaching in groups