Emotional awareness coaching

The courage to feel deeply is the courage to be alive.

To be in direct contact with your present core feelings is to be in touch with your own inner compass.

This coaching program is focused on the development of your inner compass and wisdom on the basis of awareness of your direct present experience and feelings. It helps you to recognize the messages of emotions and to open up to present embodied experience as a source of vitality, health and connection. Persons who are not connected with their deeper feelings are easily driven by  cultural ‘shoulds’ and voices of other people. Being aware of your feelings is the basis for having an ‘inner valuing center’  that allows to make your own choices in career and life. Feelings are great sources of wisdom, energy, vitality and authentic influence on the condition that we know how to relate to them and recognize their messages. But usually our culture does not teach us how to read the language of our feelings and develop our own personal emotional wisdom.


Compositionwork is a method that is especially useful for work with emotions. Nonverbal symbolic language used in Compositionwork allows to express emotional experiences in a direct way, not mediated by words and concepts. Compositionwork allows to connect from moment to moment and in a contemplative way with direct affective experience and embodied feelings.

If you want to:

  • connect with your core feelings, become more aware of your emotions and their messages
  • nurture your inner compass as a basis for your own decisions
  • give more space to your authentic self
  • ‘move from your head to your heart and body’
  • learn to read and understand the language of your own feelings
  • develop emotional wisdom and use your emotions in a constructive way
  • use your feelings as sources of wisdom, creativity and energy
  • increase your vitality, health and quality of life by deepening your emotional awareness



You can read about emotional coaching in my publications:

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