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Dr Agnieszka Konopka

psychologist, coach, therapist

founder of Compositionwork method

Cambridge University Press author

Agnieszka Konopka, Ph.D.

My aim is to help people grow and heal through deepening awareness and felt presence, unfolding and exploring the richness of their unique self,  and contacting the direct experience of deep feelings, that function as an inner compass, a source of vitality and connection.

In our world of speed and information we may need to nurture or heal the connection with a slower and deep dimension of feelings and presence. Enhancing contact with feelings is empowering, since in this way we refine and develop an inner compass that allows us to act on the basis of our personal values and needs instead of on those imposed by culture or implicit “shoulds”. My purpose is to create conditions which help people to become deeper rooted in their inner world from where reaching-out leads to authentic actions and encounters. In my practice I work with people in transition: personal, professional and cultural; people who have a wish to move to a new phase in life and grow; people who experience emptiness, loss of meaning and energy, or who want to deepen contact with themselves and others. Internationally I publish and give trainings for coaches and therapists.


Re-composing your self and your life in transition, major change, crisis and lossread more


Emotional Awareness Coaching: Mindful way of work to develop emotional awareness and presence as sources of vitality and base for one’s inner compass.

Compositionwork Coaching: Exploring your inner richness as a guide to growth and inner freedom.


Compositionwork Training: learning to work in a creative, symbolic, experience focused way to facilitate your practice as a coach or therapist.

Agnieszka Konopka is a psychologist with PhD in the psychology of emotions, she has a training in psychotherapy, clinical psychology and psychological work with groups. She is Cambridge University Press author and co-author of Dialogical Self Theory: Positioning and Counter-Positioning in a Globalizing Society, written together with prof. dr. Hubert Hermans.

Robert A, Neimeyer,

With her characteristic blend of clinical creativity and constructive coaching, Agnieszka gives participants the tools to enter into fresh and energizing dialogue with themselves, symbolizing and giving voice to aspects of their inner community long dormant or neglected. The result–whether etched in words or carefully arranged stones–can open the door to greater honesty and growth, moving participants to new depths of self-recognition and self-development. I recommend it to anyone who has ever felt the tug of inner contradiction, and who wants to explore the richness of their own complexity as a guide to growth

Robert A, Neimeyer,PhD, Author of Constructivist Psychotherapy and The Art of Longing, United States

Looking back on an intensive coaching with Agnieszka I can see that I’m grown enormously and become richer. Not financially rich, but spiritually richer. Analyzing my qualities: which I use, what qualities I never use or wrong and why I respond so, are questions that were answered with accompaniment of Agnieszka. I become more human, I can enjoy and I know more use of my varied qualities. For me it is now possible to get more balance in verbal and non-verbal communication.

Arjan van de Watering, Directeur Risicobeheersing Brandweer Hollands Midden

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